canadian election blogThe upcoming election is proving to be one of the closest in recent memory. Polling has the Conservatives, the NDP and the Liberal party in essentially a three-way tie with no clear front-runner. The likelihood of another majority government for any of the parties appears to be unlikely. With that being said it will be interesting to see how policy is formed under whichever government comes to power after the election.

Over the next four weeks as we approach the election date we’re going to put together a series of posts on the economic platforms for each party. The goal of this blog series is to remain as impartial as possible and merely list what the parties have stated will be their top priorities for moving the Canadian economy forward. As TheCodeFactory focuses on small business, the primary features listed in each blog post will be promises that pertain directly to small business. The posts will then move onto more generalized economic factors that will affect other facets of the economy.

I hope everyone enjoys this series! Check back next week for the governing Conservative Party platform, followed by the official opposition NDP platform and finally the Liberal Party platform.

– Gareth Graham