Early last week, we announced that Demo Day was on its way…now we have a date for you to mark in your calendars!

Demo Day will be taking place here at TheCodeFactory on Thursday, October 3. Guest tickets will be made available next week, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in presenting we have one guest spot available so please feel free to contact us if you would like to present.

We are also excited to announce the preliminary line up:

1) Friend – i-landhost inc.
2) Friend – Virtual EyeSee Inc., Zeely Adventures
3) Friend – Koneka Inc., SmartProposition
4) Client – Beyond 2.0

5) Senior Start-up – Exocortex
6) Senior Start-up – Insight Design Labs
7) Senior Start-up – Blindside Networks, BigBlueButton

i-landhost inc.

“We provide data management solutions , featuring our in-house developed cloud application: OTUS. We currently sell to educational institutes and health clinics in developing markets. We allow organizations to hold all data in one integrated system, stay organized, analyze data, and identify patterns and anomalies.”

Virtual EyeSee Inc., Zeely Adventures

“Virtual EyeSee was founded in 2006 to develop technology solutions.  We worked with our clients creating digital communications strategies, web and social media apps, and business model development for new technologies. Since then, Virtual EyeSee has used their passion for technology and their knowledge about non-technical users to embark on a new and exciting journey to build mobile solutions for children with special needs.

Zeely Adventures is the first of many products to come. It’s an innovative therapy app for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome or ADHD.  Children are motivated by the engaging game-based approach to recognize and interpret facial expressions.  Parentseducators and therapists appreciate the consistent reporting and data collection. Zeely Adventures is a fun and affordable way to complement the traditional therapy experience. “

Koneka Inc., SmartProposition

“SmartProposition® helps your sales teams to quickly build accurate, tailored, and beautiful proposals so they can spend more time responding to opportunities and winning more business.

With SmartPropostion®, assembling a basic business proposal requires only a few mouse clicks. Powerful, drag-and-drop search tools make it easy to leverage high-quality, reusable content created by your marketing teams and add it to your document. A document template engine ensures consistent, attractive styling while eliminating the need to spend time formatting documents.

With powerful business rules to prevent embarrassing oversights caused by copy-and-paste errors and missing content, SmartProposition enables you to feel confident about every proposal you create, without having to spend time on revision and review. SmartProposition’s intelligent document assembly engine automatically selects the best content for a given opportunity.  The results are highly tailored proposals that generate the greatest sales impact.”

Beyond 2.0

“Beyond 2.0 currently offers two products: a real-time bus arrival display (so your customers will never miss their bus again!) and a mobile web app (www.OCBusTracker.com) which allows you to check real-time GPS data for Ottawa buses anytime, anywhere, on any device. Though our first products are focused on Ottawa transit data, the possibilities for innovation with Open Data are endless!

Beyond 2.0 is a new startup with a mission of developing innovative ways to use Open Data to provide businesses with a value-added service for their customers (and hopefully make the world a little bit of a better place at the same time!). We are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but our future outlook is global.”


Exocortex was founded in 2005 to streamline the production of visual effects via innovative and professional grade tools. Based in Ottawa, Canada but with collaborators around the world, Exocortex counts among its hundreds of clients the largest VFX studios, mid-side studios and a multitude of talented independent professionals.

Insight Design Labs

“InDeLabs staff bring combined experience in chip development targeted to both ASIC and FPGA design flows. We look at the complete system as a co-design effort, integrating SW and HW together to achieve a solution that is optimized to client needs.”

Blindside Networks, BigBlueButton

“The goal of the BigBlueButton open source project is to enable remote students to have a high-quality learning experience.

We’ve been working on BigBlueButton since 2007, fixing issues, adding new features, refactoring code, and all the while focused on making sure the platform is solid and usable for our target market.

Having a focus is important to the success of any open source project.  If you are an institution (educational or commercial) that wants to offer remote students a high quality learning experience, we are building BigBlueButton for you.”

– Kelsey Black