It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the complete Students & Startups 15 startup line up! There are a handful of student tickets left, so don’t miss out on the fun! You can order your ticket by clicking here.

Without further ado, we are happy to present to you:


“FEIST E+E … Enthusiasts + Experts

In a real-time format, FEISTEE gives you the health, wellness, and fitness advice you need when and where you need it. From your phone, you can access our professionals for expert personalized advice dispensed in minutes, for a fraction of the price of an in-person consultation.”

Making OurSelves Heard Communications

“We are digital media professionals with 10 years of experience building web sites and social media strategies.

We specialize in creating and maintaining your brand’s digital presence ensuring that your online persona matches your brand’s intended image. We follow up to ensure that your brand is properly represented online. We make sure you’re heard – loud and clear.”

Beyond 2.0

Beyond 2.0 is an Ottawa-based startup with a mission of developing innovative ways to use Open Data…and make the world a little bit of a better place at the same time! Though our first products are focused on transit data, the possibilities for innovation with Open Data are endless.


“Object-oriented management”

Inteloom is a very new, up and coming startup in the Project Management field. They are looking to hire a technical student within the next three months, and will be attending Students & Startups 15 on November 28.

YOUi Labs

“We are a uniquely blended team that shares the same passion: to create beautiful, fun and exceedingly intuitive user experiences that can run on any touch screen device.

We offer our clients the ability to differentiate themselves through gorgeous designs in increasingly competitive markets.

uSwish, the world’s first and only NUI framework, enables our clients to use familiar, design-led tools like Adobe After Effects to create unique and compelling  experiences in a light, easy workflow with significant time-to-market advantages.

YOUi Labs also offers complete creative services in collaboration with our clients, bringing expertise, simplicity and absolute beauty to any design – or redesign – opportunity.

Our current client list spans across many consumer technology verticals with an emphasis in the TV & media space.”

LavaBlast Software

Take Control of Your Franchise Operations

FranchiseBlast empowers you to run a successful franchise business with easy-to-use operational software. Manage day-to-day issues with franchisees, see everything happening in real-time, and increase the level of control you have over your franchise business.

Get FranchiseBlast so you can offer franchisees state-of-the-art franchise operation software. Franchisees will benefit from the ability to run their businesses more effectively, and you’ll benefit from having management control and more visibility into what’s going on. FranchiseBlast is your franchise intranet, an essential portal for you and your franchisees to grow together and succeed.

Franchise Software

Give your franchisees the best tools to run their business.

  • Real-time Monitoring See everything that’s happening with your franchisees instantly.
  • Franchisee Operations Help franchisees run better businesses and earn more revenue.
  • Franchise-Specific Configured and optimized to your specific franchise needs.
  • Attract Franchisees Increase the quality of franchisees by offering a top management solution.”