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Author: thecodefactory

Back to Work

As we begin to exit the dog days of summer one’s thoughts start to turn not only to back to school but, also “Back to Work”. Pretty well everyone I talk to in the business community finds a noticeable lull in business activity in Ottawa in the summer. Stuff takes longer to do, people are harder to get a hold of and the general pace of business life slows as the mercury rises. However, with Labour Day weekend fast approaching, the days getting noticeably shorter and that kind of crisp cool feel to the evenings you have to know...

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We’re Back!

We have been quiet on the blogging and social media front for some time now, and well … there is a reason for that. On March 30th of this year, we moved to our diggs here at 100 Gloucester Street and it has been a ton of work to get settled. With the summer to recoup and get organized, we are good to go again. The story of our move is very much like the Doppler Effect, so please let me explain. When you move, the date at which you move is a fixed point in time and in...

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Leap Day – Field Trip!

We are getting quite a few requests to check out our new space at 100 Gloucester. Therefore, we have decided to offer anyone interested a sneak peek. You can sign up for the FIELD TRIP here! The date, coincidentally, is the fifth anniversary of signing our original lease here at 246 Queen Street, which was Leap Day February 29, 2008. Many of our existing tenants will be on site too, so this gives you a chance to meet some of our existing and growing community. Everyone is welcome to attend. Sincerely hope you can make it. Ian...

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We’re Moving!

Hard to believe it has been almost five years already … wow time flies. A lot has happened here at 246 Queen Street since May 26th 2008 on opening day. Almost every user group in the Ottawa web and mobile space started, reformed or touched down here at some point. The downtown tech scene has really blossomed since those early days and there is now so much going on that it is really difficult to keep track of. TheCodeFactory is proud of having helped facilitate many of the groups and played an active and hands-on role. Why are we...

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Change Accelerants – Financial Crisis

There are likely fewer catalysts that will accelerate economic change as fast as either the US fiscal cliff or the Euro financial crisis. The US fiscal cliff is the expiry of certain spending programs set up by the George W. Bush administration that end in December of 2012. There are some significant ideological differences between the Obama administration and the Republican-controlled Congress. However, this is likely the greater of the two evils, but less likely to occur. The Euro financial crisis on the other hand, according to world leading economists, is inevitable. First let’s address the US fiscal cliff. Dr. Larry...

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Change Accelerants – Japan style slow growth

Localization is very likely to be the dominant macro-economic trend, however, placing a close second and underpinning what should necessitate a significant paradigm shift in economic policy development is Japan style slow growth for at least the next decade. The days of G8 GDP growth in excess of 2% will not return within the next decade in my humble opinion. Government policy to facilitate economic development in a growth economy will not work in a slow growth economy.   The best term I have heard to describe the latter part of the industrial revolution is the “TV Industrial Complex”...

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New Industrial Revolution – Localization

I am currently checking out Chris Andersons new book “Makers: The new industrial revolution” and finding he has many similar views to myself on the trajectory of the world’s economy.  Back in August of 2008 (prior to the onset of the Great Recession)  I wrote a series of blog post on The forces of economic change in the world today; Business Model Migration, Life Cycle versus Long tail and Rise of the micro-multinational. IMHO these trends continue to be pervasive in the world today and account for likely 80% of the global economic momentum. These forces of change; business...

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The Global Economy – Change Accelerants

Where in the world is the economy going? Much depends on where you are looking.   There is little doubt that the global economy is in a time of great transition and uncertainty. The key macro-economic factors affecting the world today IMHO are: New Industrial Revolution Japan Style slow growth for the G7 Impending US and Euro financial crisis Social Geo-political destabilization Arab Spring Syria Iran -Ian...

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