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Author: thecodefactory

Time Persistence

What are the key ingredients for entrepreneurial success; the “A” team, VC funding, killer app, luck or maybe something else? I’d like to speculate that the three key ingredients for success (lets define success shortly too) in business are time, money and persistence. Success is defined as getting your business to cash flow positive in two years while boot strapping your company. Cash flow positive in the first two years is perhaps a much loftier goal than it first appears. For arguments sake you would likely need one years’ worth of operating income to bootstrap a business in two...

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Students and Start-ups 14

We are excited to announce that another series of Students and Start-ups events will be taking place at TheCodeFactory this fall! Students and Start-ups 14 will be a Software Edition, and will take place on Monday, November 05, 2012, from 6pm to 8pm at TheCodeFactory. There are a limited number of spots available, so if you’re a software student and you’re interested, don’t hesitate to sign up! ​For those of you that may not have heard of Students and Start-ups until now, here’s a quick background: Students and Start-ups aims to connect students who are searching for relevant and meaningful employment with start-ups who...

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Everyone has certain moments that stand out as milestones in the journey that is their lives. These moments are often significant life events like a wedding, birth, graduation or death of a loved one. Joyous or painful these moments leave an indelible impression on your psyche. The inspiration for the picture in this post comes from my friend Kate who had an art show on window panes. Rarely do people take the time to look at or notice the window pane they are looking through. They are either focused on the field in the distance or the room behind....

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First World Perspective

True story. I went to retrieve my car key from the parking lot attendant yesterday. As I reached to get my key he said to me; “if you won $25,000,000 what would be the first thing you thought of?” Almost immediately I said “pay off my debt” what next he asked “travel” I said … why do you ask? Apparently his first cousin in Atlanta won $25,000,000 in the lottery. Both he and his cousin are from a small village in North East Africa. There is no water in their village and they have to walk a day and...

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Students and Start-ups

Students want meaningful and relevant employment. Start-ups want energetic and enthusiastic employees. Sign up for SNS-12 is here: This is the premise of Students and Start-ups. We have had 11 previous events with 24 confirmed hires many of which are on our YouTube Channel (TheCodeFactory). There are 6 start-ups signed up for SNS-12: Blindside Networks, Brierwood Design, Magnetic Bear Studio, Norada, Nuvoshift and tindr. A great mix of web and mobile start-ups something for Computer Scientists and Software engineers looking for that early stage excitement. These are what a like to call one room start-ups or those cute...

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Why BIG is little and little BIG

This concept is likely tightly correlated to the Pareto principle. Basically 20% of your effort accounts for 80% of the result. Consider learning how to use a new software application. Usually acquiring that minimum level of knowledge (20% of the functionality) that provides access to 80% of the capability you need. Afterwards you learn those other functions as need arises … which usually means digging into the help files and acquiring that more difficult to obtain knowledge. Let’s now apply the Pareto principle to knowledge required to run your business. The BIG stuff that covers 80% of what you...

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Revisiting the Hockey Analogy

Long before starting TheCodeFactory I had blogged extensively about the challenges and opportunities facing the Ottawa Tech community. Topics covered everything from funding to entrepreneurial support systems.  One of my favourite posts and IMHO one worth revisiting is called; The Entrepreneurial Hockey Analogy written on April 3rd, 2007 (roughly the same time as TheCodeFactory aha moment). Considering the post was written 4 years ago many of the concepts and principles are still valid. Looking back at the post with the accumulation of knowledge having worked in close proximately with start-ups for four years it is time for an update....

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