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How to Start a Website – Beginner’s Guide

Websites 101 – What You Need to Start a Website In today’s world, having a website for your business is an absolute must – and if you’re new to the game then it’s easy get overwhelmed with everything there is to know. Most people think that by simply purchasing a domain name they can move forward and build a website, but there are a few other pieces to the puzzle. Below we’ve broken down some of the most important pieces: The Office Space Analogy Let’s say your website is your office… You need to find a building to put...

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Yes, there’s value in social. Why you need a digital presence:

Yes, there’s value in social. Why you need a digital presence. In our fast paced ever changing world it’s crazy to me that there are still people who don’t understand the value of a digital presence. If you’re not actively keeping up online then how will anyone ever find your business? Sure there’s word of mouth and offline efforts, but there are billions of Google searches daily (literally), and billions of Social Media users that may be looking for a business like yours! So the question is: why are some still apprehensive about digital marketing or using social media...

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Digital Marketing Terminology for Beginners

Digital Marketing Terminology – What Does it All Mean? The other day, our team got into a debate about certain terminology revolving around Digital Marketing – social media to be exact. Perhaps the generational gap may have a hand in our perception of certain terms, but it gave me inspiration to write this post. There are a lot of fancy words and terms thrown around when it comes to digital marketing, so what are some of the most common ones and what the heck do they mean? Consider this a jargon free Digital Marketing terminology guide for beginners. SEO...

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How can a virtual office help your small business?

How can a virtual office help your small business? If you’re thinking about starting or have already started your own small business, you might have toyed with the idea of setting up a virtual office business address. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your virtual office: Google search first impressions really matter! – Fake it till you make it! Does the idea of your house appearing on Google Maps every time someone looks up your business make you a little uncomfortable? A virtual office business address can be a huge help here; plus, it’ll be a good...

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Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Canada officially celebrates its 150th birthday tomorrow, July 1! We’ll be continuing the celebration over the long weekend, and as such will be closed on Monday, July 3. We’ll be back with our regular schedule on Tuesday, July 4. Have a safe and happy long weekend. Be sure to follow the official Canada 150 Twitter...

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How to Avoid the Landfill

Freecycle for desks and chairs means landfill avoidance. We recently became “Freecyclers” after hearing about the website from a new friend of TheCodeFactory, and thought we would give it a try instead of taking our used desks and chairs to the landfill. What a great experience … we are loving it! For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Freecycle, here’s a quick rundown: if you have something you want to get rid of, Freecycle is the place to be. Much like Kijiji, you post an ad with the item you no longer need but the best part...

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Coworking Space – The Summer Workation

The first official day of summer is tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited. Sunshine, warm weather, barbeques, and of course the kids are finished with school for the year. While this all sounds so enjoyable, it’s also one of the most distracting times of the year. Working from home can be a challenge when the kids are home too, so how can you maximize your productivity? Take a coworking summer workation! Our coworking space provides you with everything you need to get some head-down work done for the day. Drop by for a day or two, or even...

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Questions From Entrepreneurs

Introduction I originally had the idea for TheCodeFactory back in March(ish) of 2007 and started this blog in June of that year. Over the weekend (11-June-2017) was the tenth-year anniversary of our blog. While it seems like a long journey and a lot of ground covered it has also gone by extremely quickly at the same time. Over the weekend I reviewed my day timers and notes over the past decade finding there were a number of recurring questions from conversations with new entrepreneurs. I have taken the time to review my notes, document them a bit and offer...

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