When a would-be customer searches your business address and stumbles upon a home in a residential area it can carry with it some negative connotations. Finding a business mailing address is essential to start-ups as it affords them an air of professionalism and enables them to appear larger than they are. This is a simple and straightforward solution.

Until that would-be customer wants to meet.

Why would you meet with a future customer in a coffee shop if you’ve already got a central, downtown business address?

That’s why TheCodeFactory is offering Virtual Office Bundles.

If all you need is a basic business address then we can most certainly do that. However, if you’re going to be meeting with prospective customers we have a second option for you which includes boardroom time. That’s right, now when that future customer looks up your business address and wants to meet you’ve got a professional location to do so. And it’ll be the exact same location they saw when looking at Google Maps.

We’re working hard to offer the most flexible business solutions to start-ups and these bundles can help you get your business out of the gate with a head start.

– Gareth Graham