There’s a lot of debate surrounding the question is cold calling dead? What I personally believe is no, it’s not dead at all; it has just transformed with the times and gotten a lot smarter. Here’s why:

The Original (OG) Cold Call

Cold calling originated back in the day — I’m talking before the World Wide Web days — and for good reason. If you wanted sales for your business then you had to go out there and get them. This involved knocking on doors, drop in visits, and of course the cold hard phone call. You’d have your list of phone numbers and the script to follow, and you’d rhyme it off exactly the same each time.

Fast Forward to the Digital Age

The reason people say cold calling is dead is because the original form of cold calling doesn’t quite work as well in modern times. The Internet is born, landlines are disappearing and the way we interact with one another is changed forever. The phone is getting used less and less, and people generally don’t like to answer calls from numbers outside their contact list. We’ve started making our connections online and building a rapport with like-minded individuals. Therefore in today’s day and age if you perform the original cold call methods then you’re going to catch people off guard, which may not necessarily be a good thing.

The Modern Day Cold Call

The digital age has opened up enormous opportunity for both small and large business. It allows us to connect with potential customers and clients like never before. People don’t want to be called up out of the blue and have the same script read to them that was just recited to a hundred other people. They want it to be personal; they want to have a connection. So how do you build that connection?
You can follow your potential prospects on their social channels, and interact and engage with them. You can do your research about them and become informed. You can send them a quick and educated note. Start building that relationship. This way when you go to make that phone call down the line it’s not a cold hard introduction.

Digital Transformation … never make a cold call again!

Overall I don’t think cold calling is dead, but it’s gotten a hell of a lot smarter and more targeted. Perhaps to end the debate it’s time we gave cold calling a name refresh like warm calling or hey, we’ve already had a few interactions online calling.

Check out this interesting guide to smarter calls below: