…there is a difference.

Collaboration is perhaps one of the most difficult words in the English language. The word is easy to pronounce or say, however, incredibly difficult to live by. Many people like to say collaboration but very few actually REALLY understand what the word means and live by the spirit and intent.

True collaboration involves IMHO first and identifying the stakeholders, working to align interests and then collaboratively engaging stakeholders to create shared value. This approach is truly collaborative and benefits the entire ecosystem. Sounds simple but is actually very difficult because few make the effort.

The more common and disappointing  approach is to liberally sprinkle the words collaboration in everything you do, pursue your own largely ego based self interest and rely on outside sources to fund the endeavour rather than create real value.

Alas this happens far too often in Ottawa. If your goal is to poach clients and do your own thing to the detriment of others then your actions are neither collaborative, nor socially responsible. I believe there is a term for those that say one thing and do another.

-Ian Graham

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