All startups are created equal, but not all startups achieve the same level of success. In this post I would like to introduce the concept of a “Senior Startup”. What is a Senior Startup, you may ask … Good question.

In the context of Students and Startups, a Senior Startup is a startup that has achieved some level of success and would like to give back. Success could be defined loosely as receiving a round of funding to help growth trajectory, having enough customers and revenue so that survival is no longer an issue and / or achieving steady, stable growth for a number of years. A Senior Startup probably has more than 10 employees, most likely has an auto attendant for answering the phone, and finally, the brightest blip on their risk radar is growth rather than survival. For these startups, the participation fee at SNS16 is easily within their means.

As we prepare to launch SNS16 we are finding that there are quite a few “Junior Startups” where the participation fee is kind of a big deal. A Junior Startup is loosely characterized by the following: most likely less than 2 years in business, fewer than 10 employees, and survival is an issue, making the participation fee for SNS16 is a big deal.

As an adaptive organization I think we have come up with a novel approach to solving the issue of having Junior Startups attend the event. Our solution is to have a Senior Startup support a Junior Startup by funding their participation fee and then allowing both Senior and Junior to attend the event together. At TheCodeFactory we are all about finding a win for all our stakeholders and the Senior Startup paying it forward for the Juniors Startup seems like a good solution.

If you fit the definition of Senior Startup and you would like to help a fellow startup that is just starting out, please feel free to contact me at and I can provide more details. I think we have a really unique and innovative way to make this work, so if you are interested please do feel free to connect. You can also reach me at 613-808-3890.

– Ian Graham