Content is King

How the digital age shifted the control from the content owners to the content consumers

In a recent team meeting we were discussing content, and how quality content is often the key to winning the internet. Bill Gates claimed it himself in 1996 with this essay here: content is king.

Here at TheCodeFactory we find the digital transformation so fascinating. It has changed so many industries so fast, and it will continue to change everything. One industry that was hit quick with change was media. Broadcasters, publishers, and news outlets had full control of content pre-internet, and with the advancement of technology and introduction of the internet that all has changed. Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to publish content online and create an audience today. Now, in 2017 the consumer seems to have control of the content.

People Want What They Want – Not What’s Forced on Them

With so many options available, consumers have the ability to pick and choose what content they consume and interact with. This means that traditional marketing tactics like ads are less favourable now as the consumer may not want to see or hear them, and it can become more of an annoyance than a positive experience.

Content Goes Where the Consumers Go

There’s a reason that certain platforms are popular, because of their users and the content created for those platforms. Content marketers now need to be sure they’re covering all of their bases and creating for where their customers are.

Content is Smarter

Content appeals to each generation differently. Content marketers now need to be smarter with how they create content – storytelling and building brand is everything. Now we’re seeing tons of brands upping their game and creating brand experiences. See how some retailers are restyling concept stores here

Content is Consumed on Consumers’ TIme

Content consumption used to be controlled by the providers; for example, magazines would hit the shelves on the same day every month, your favourite TV show would air every Thursday at 8pm, and so on. Now content is consumed on the consumers’ watch, whenever they want it. Thanks to smartphones we can even enjoy our favourite content on the go. There’s no timeline anymore to consuming the content you want.

It’s interesting to see how things have changed over the past few years, and it will be more interesting to see how many more changes there will be in the years to come.

Read the ‘content is king’ essay by Bill Gates from 1996 here.