Working at TheCodeFactory you quickly grow accustomed to the many stages of early entrepreneurship. The first major decision point is very often the decision to leap and go “all in”.  Following closely behind is the decision on whether or not they should acquire their first office space. Many entrepreneurs opt to find space but find the cost can be prohibitive and end up working from home. One of the most common things we hear from home-bound entrepreneurs is “I can’t get any work done at home. There are too many distractions.”

When you do decide to leave home it’s a good idea to start considering an alternate, more cost effective solution than a private office. For our first step entrepreneurs we offer the option to work at a dedicated desk for a month at a time. The desk will be your property for that month and you’ll be supplied with internet access as well as board room time. You’ll be surrounded by likeminded professionals giving you a chance to network and learn about other local businesses. Further, you’ll also gain access to community events held at TheCodeFactory such as our monthly Lunch and Learns. Finally, we offer an additional option which would allow you to use TheCodeFactory as your business address to further cement your company’s legitimacy.

If you’ve recently taken the leap and are looking to increase your productivity and immerse yourself in workplace culture then look no further; try a desk at TheCodeFactory.

– Gareth Graham