Demo Day is coming this month and we’ll be showcasing a number of our senior start-ups, some of our part-time clients and one or two guest startups.  More details including demo line up, date and other stuff coming next week.  Please stay tuned.

We expect to have about 15 to 20 spots for guests for anyone not already affiliated with TheCodeFactory who would like to attend Demo Day. Tickets will be set up on Eventbrite within the next week or two and the link will be posted here and broadcast on Twitter (@TheCodeFactory). One of my favorite activities upon first getting involved in the Ottawa start-up community back in 2005 was to help organize DemoCamps … which were also a major influence on starting up TheCodeFactory here in Ottawa. We hope that Demo Day here at TheCodeFactory will have a similar fun, friendly and enthusiastic feel to the event.

If you are interested in learning more about Demo Day, please feel free to contact me directly at ian[at]thecodefactory[dot]ca or call the office at 613-808-3890.

– Ian Graham