So, you did it – you started your very own business. Kudos, because getting started and taking that leap is the hardest part. Like any small business owner, you know that it’s not all smooth sailing from here. Hard work, dedication, and the fact that your dream is now a reality is what keeps you going. At TheCodeFactory we understand small business and we want to help you succeed. The most important thing is for you to focus on your business, and we can help fill in the gaps.

As the new Digital Presence Manager at TheCodeFactory, I’m here to help bring your small business to the next level so you focus on building and growing your business. In this day and age I cannot stress enough the importance of having a digital presence. So, what is a digital presence you ask?


If your business doesn’t exist anywhere online then you pretty well don’t exist. A digital presence is all of your online activities, including your brand, website, content, and social channels. So maybe you already have a website? I hate to say it, but just having website doesn’t quite cut it in 2017. Sure you may own the house, but building and maintaining the house is the tricky part.

Not to fret, because that’s where we can help. Since joining TheCodeFactory team in mid March I have been all eyes and ears observing the hardworking companies within the space. One common thing that I’ve heard over and over is time and how there isn’t enough of it. I think anyone running their own business can relate to that 100 percent. We want to help you focus on what you do best – which is building your business, and we can help take care of your website, content, social media, or any other needs you may have. Letting us help allows you to gain some of your valuable time back and push forward with your business.

digital presenceHaving worked in social media, as well as creating my own blog and brand ( I know each platform very well. Being immersed in the digital world myself has allowed me to gain valuable experience and knowledge, which I will bring to my new position. With a background in graphic design I know the importance of branding, and visual communication. My past education compliments my role as Digital Presence Manager, and provides me with the skills to convey your brands message.

I look forward to working with you!

– Erin

An individual can put up a website that, if they put enough work into it, looks just as impressive as the largest company in the world.
-Steve Jobs