How to prepare?

As winter comes there are two groups of start-ups or as I like to call it “Ants and Grasshoppers” (This references Aesop’s Fables “The Ant and The Grasshopper”). An ant is a start-up that is working hard on a business model that delivers real revenue. A grasshopper is a start-up looking to build something cool perhaps community with monetization somewhere in the future. Cool ideas can turn into something valuable, just look at Twitter?

My advice – Be the ant.

In economic winter cash is where the calories are. Sooo number one thing is to build your business with real cash flow in mind and one where you have REAL paying customers.

Chris has been leading the TeamCamp group through more formalized set of sessions on “Start Small Stay Small” by Rob Walling. This is a great way to test the entrepreneurial waters before leaping in feet first. Best of all you can test launch a web business for only $100 and get a sense of if it will fly. They are finding getting going is more art than science and experience really counts for a lot. This gives you the opportunity to trial a web based business and gains some real world experience in a supportive group setting on a part-time basis.

Some of the signs of a deep dark winter are;

  • Grass roots based by USA and desire to work locally
  • Stock market jitters