How does one decide to leap and become an entrepreneur?

Well … I’d say there are a few ways to decide:

  • You’re a natural and decide right after graduation.
  • You have entrepreneurial tendencies and are considering entrepreneurship.
  • You are an “accidental entrepreneur” and life decides for you.


Whatever path you take the journey is similar and the destination roughly the same. This series will focus more on the latter two groups of entrepreneurs: those who are thinking about “Plan B” and those “accidental entrepreneurs” where entrepreneurship has found them. Both “Plan B” and “accidental entrepreneurs” were likely employees before considering entrepreneurship. There are some significant mental shifts and skill mismatches when transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.

The next three posts in this series will deal with the mental change of employee to entrepreneur. IMHO most of the mental paradigm shift can be grouped under one of these blog topics:

  • “All In” – This is the only way to approach starting a business.
  •  “You’re the Boss” – The double edged sword; yes, it cuts both ways.
  •  “Not 9 to 5” – Entrepreneurial freedom has its price.

Next post will be “All In”.

– Ian Graham