When looking for the best way to host Students and Startups 16 we knew we had to go with a Canadian-born startup. Lo and behold we were introduced to Uniiverse.

Uniiverse has allowed us to easily put together the event page for Students and Startups 16, but with a few extra features that really make it stand out. The ease of creating payment options on our own website without redirecting away from it is a huge plus. The coolest features, by far, all pertain to its interconnectivity with social media. Uniiverse has made it extremely easy for us to connect SNS16 with Facebook and Twitter, even offering incentives for those who choose to help spread the word!

A big thank you to the Uniiverse team for helping us set this up for SNS16. This may have been our first experience with Uniiverse but it certainly won’t be our last.

– Gareth Graham