With the holiday season rapidly approaching and TheCodeFactory’s very own Festivus celebration a little more than a week away, this presents the perfect opportunity to give thanks in one of our final blog posts of the year. In all of the craziness and day to day hussle that is involved with being a part of small business it’s easy to forget all that we already have. We live in arguably the greatest country in the world. Within that Ottawa is a beautiful, business and family friendly city. We have the opportunities of a tier one city and all the while maintain the charms of a smaller one (though we do have a hockey team that can be rather trying on one’s patience this year).

And of course nestled in the heart of down town Ottawa is TheCodeFactory. Throughout my time working here I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many interesting and inspiring people. With such a great blend of personalities and talent I’m always amazed at what I can learn in a day, let alone from a mere five minute conversation. So as our attention shifts toward the holidays we’d like to have one more get together to cap off what has already been a great year: our annual Festivus celebration.

Taking place on Thursday, December 19th around 4:30PM we’ll be having some snacks to go along with the Feats of Strength and Airing of Gratitude. The Feats of Strength will feature many of our tenants showing off demos of their work to one another and guests. The Airing of Gratitude will be a round table on what we’re all thankful for as 2013 rapidly comes to a close. The Seinfeld fans among you will no doubt have realized we’re deviating a little bit from Mr. Costanza’s vision for the holiday but he would be proud to know that we do indeed have an aluminium pole.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming holiday season from everyone here at TheCodeFactory.