This is the 3rd post in our graduate series. Links to Post 1 and Post 2.
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The second company we’re excited to highlight as part of our Graduate Series is Insight Design Labs.

Insight Design Labs specialized in IP development for the high-frequency trading market, high offers design services and soft-error performance analysis. In a business where speed is key, having even the smallest edge over a competitor is absolutely crucial. Working at first with a wide selection of customers the team transitioned to doing most of their work with a single customer.

This led to one of the most exciting occurrences at TheCodeFactory – the acquisition of InDeLabs by XR Trading! Insight Design Labs is now the R&D arm of XR Trading in Canada and we couldn’t be happier for Ken, Phil and the team. There’s honestly nothing quite like watching a company grow to the point of acquisition!

Check out the following video highlighting their secrets to success and lessons learned on their journey from startup to acquisition:

The key takeaways from our chat with Ken and Phil:

  1. Flexibility within the business plan
  2. Focusing on how to get a revenue stream

It was a pleasure to have been involved in our small way with Insight Design Labs’ journey to acquisition and all the best to the XR Ottawa team going forward.

Stay tuned for our next graduate interview with Rob and Brady of Nexus Digital.