“Apparently sprinters reach their highest speed right out of the blocks, and spend the rest of the race slowing down. The winners slow down the least. It’s that way with most startups too. The earliest phase is usually the most productive. That’s when they have the really big ideas. Imagine what Apple was like when 100% of its employees were either Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak.” – Paul Graham

I’d agree with Paul Graham that starting a business is indeed a lot like a sprint, but unlike the tracks that professional sprinters run on, the track that a startup must navigate is full of pitfalls and obstacles. Once you’re stuck the only way to get back on track is to figure out a way out of your current predicament.

For a startup, many of these pitfalls and obstacles are things that you need to do, but aren’t core to your business. As a startup you want to focus the majority of your time on those things that are core to your business, but you need to have things like a website, accounting systems and lead management tools. Every moment you spend on non-core activities takes time away from what is most important to your business – maintaining momentum.

Here at TheCodeFactry, helping startups maintain momentum is core to our business. We are here to help startups.

We’re rolling out a whole new Services offering which is designed to take care of those things that slow you down so that you can focus on your business and maintain momentum. If you want to check out an overview of what’s going to be available we’ve got a page up on our website here.

Remember the startup that slows down the least is most likely to succeed.

-Gareth Graham