We’re Expanding!

We are excited to announce that we have added another floor at our 100 Gloucester location. We have a number of new offices and a brand new “Hudson Bay” training room that can accommodate up to 12+ people in a variety of configurations. You can check out the training room here.

They Grow Up So Fast – Our Customers are Growing Too

Blindside Networks is moving up in the world and taking up residence in their new digs on our sixth floor. Huge congrats to Richard, Fred, Anton, Calvin, Charmaine, Jesus and the remote teams. It has been a pleasure to have seen the growth and evolution of BBB all the way to version 1.0. It’s always great to see such a successful open source project that started right here in Ottawa. Insight Design Labs have been acquired by XR Trading and will be moving to a new office just down the street. Huge congrats to Phil, Ken, Rich and Karl. Lunch time just won’t be the same without you.

We’ll have more details on both of these success stories in future posts in the next week or two.

Starting to Think About “What’s Next?”

​When the dust settles on the new expansion and we have maxed out our capacity at our current location thoughts are definitely turning to “What’s Next?” I have always said that in business:

“How will you ever conquer the world if you can’t conquer your own village first?”

Conquering Ottawa seems a bit overstated, but a second location in the city is a definite possibility before turning our attention to a new village.

If you would like to see a TheCodeFactory shared workspace in your part of Ottawa please feel free to contact me anytime at Ian@thecodefactory.ca