Everyone has certain moments that stand out as milestones in the journey that is their lives. These moments are often significant life events like a wedding, birth, graduation or death of a loved one. Joyous or painful these moments leave an indelible impression on your psyche.

The inspiration for the picture in this post comes from my friend Kate who had an art show on window panes. Rarely do people take the time to look at or notice the window pane they are looking through. They are either focused on the field in the distance or the room behind. The window pane is a metaphor for the now or moment of your life. Living in the now can often be very difficult for people myself included.

Occasionally you have cause to pause and reflect on the moment. I had one of those moments on Wednesday June 26th. Spencer has been our dog and loyal family pet for almost thirteen years.  He was a black miniature schnauzer with the most gentle of temperaments. There was not much that bothered Spencer and he was always patient, kind and very giving of affection.  We received a very nice bouquet as condolences from a family friend which said

“In memory of Spencer always such a gentlemen.”

I can only hope to become the person that my dog thought I was.

Spencer you will be missed.

-Ian Graham