When TheCodeFactory idea was conceived back in March of 2007 Ian also started writing a blog – this one. The blog documented the long and often difficult journey of taking the business from an idea to a going concern. After writing the blog for a while a bolt of inspiration struck and the blog was named “The Road Less Travelled” after a poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”. The concept was a great fit and perfect metaphor for that fork in the road you come to at various times in your life. This particular fork in the road was whether to embark on an entrepreneurial journey versus taking the more worn path of employment. “The Road Less Travelled” seemed a great name for the blog.

But seven years is a long time for a business. We’ve been around for a while. We’ve experienced new things, learned, adapted, and grown. The road is no longer less travelled for us here at TheCodeFactory as we’ve been up and down it many times now. Entrepreneurship is also much more mainstream (perhaps verging on exuberant) now and that once less travelled road with leaves that wanted wear is much busier and well-trodden. I suppose you could say that we’ve got a road map now and are familiar with the different paths. It definitely would have been nice to know where the rough patches were beforehand, but experience is perhaps the best teacher.

So it is with that experience, earned over seven years in business, that we are happily renaming our blog to “The Road Well Travelled” (thank you for the inspiration Kelsey). We look forward to seeing you around the next bend!