Putting a Students and Startups event together is a bit like rounding up two herds of cats at the same time, student cats and startup cats. We are excited to announce that we are a go for Students and Startups 15 this Thursday evening, November 28th, and have a full contingent of startups and students. Our success metrics for the event are hires and smiles and we look forward to adding to our totals of 28 hires and 300 smiles.

We would also like to acknowledge and express our sincere appreciation to Bruce Lazenby and the team at Invest Ottawa for agreeing to support the participation fees for a number of the startups who will be attending the event. Thank you very much hopefully support will be returned with several new jobs for the Ottawa area.

What I really like about Students and Startups is that it is simple and it works. We continue to work on our “Where are they now?” series and as a lead in to the next video we are reposting our Mike and Rahul success story from a few years ago. We should have an update on this video soon and as a sneak preview, let’s just say it involves a great opportunity, international travel and a long-term sustainable job.

We are particularly excited that a number of startups participating this week are just starting out. I personally feel that if a student has that entrepreneurial spark there are few better learning opportunities than working for a very early stage startup … kind of a hands on immersive internship.

Looking forward to Thursday night and once again a BIG thank you to Invest Ottawa for their help!

– Ian Graham