It’s been a year since TheCodeFactory shifted locations from Queen Street to 100 Gloucester Street. All in all the move has been a huge success. The new location is bright, vibrant and parking is nearly half the price it was on Queen Street. However, one of the biggest perks of changing locations is being above Grounded Kitchen and Coffee House.

When we relocated here I didn’t drink coffee. Now I can’t get through the morning without stopping at Grounded first. The breakfast sandwiches are amazing and in case you didn’t know, everything is half price before 8am. Coincidentally I now find myself getting to work at 7:55am every day. The lunch and dinner menus are terrific and Grounded is licensed, so you’ll usually find a bunch of TheCodeFactory residents there on Thursday evenings for drinks. Grounded has also been extremely easy to work with when we cater our meetings and events.

I’m looking forward to Staying Grounded for some time to come.