We are excited to announce that another series of Students and Start-ups events will be taking place at TheCodeFactory this fall!

Students and Start-ups 14 will be a Software Edition, and will take place on Monday, November 05, 2012, from 6pm to 8pm at TheCodeFactory. There are a limited number of spots available, so if you’re a software student and you’re interested, don’t hesitate to sign up!

​For those of you that may not have heard of Students and Start-ups until now, here’s a quick background:

Students and Start-ups aims to connect students who are searching for relevant and meaningful employment with start-ups who are looking for energetic and enthusiastic employees. There are three different Editions of SNS: Software, designed for students interested in computer sciences, computer engineering, and web and mobile development; Hardware, geared towards students interested in electronics and telecom; and Business, perfect for students with an education in marketing, administration, or sales.

The Software Edition tends to be the most popular, but we also offer the Hardware and Business Editions when the demand is there. The deciding factor for which Edition comes next is what YOU, the students and start-ups, want!

We like to measure our success rate with hires and smiles, and in 13 events to date, we are proud to say that we’ve had 28 hires and more than 300 smiles. With SNS-14 just around the corner, we can’t wait to see those numbers grow!

Of the 28 hires, we’ve filmed a few success story testimonials to give new participants a glance at what made the event not only a success, but fun for the students and start-ups who have participated in the past. Just a few weeks ago, we filmed the latest video, starring Mike and Abhinav from SNS-12 –  you can check it on our YouTube channel.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

– Kelsey