Students want meaningful and relevant employment.

Start-ups want energetic and enthusiastic employees.

Sign up for SNS-12 is here:

This is the premise of Students and Start-ups. We have had 11 previous events with 24 confirmed hires many of which are on our YouTube Channel (TheCodeFactory).

There are 6 start-ups signed up for SNS-12: Blindside Networks, Brierwood Design, Magnetic Bear Studio, Norada, Nuvoshift and tindr. A great mix of web and mobile start-ups something for Computer Scientists and Software engineers looking for that early stage excitement.

These are what a like to call one room start-ups or those cute and cuddly toddlers of the start-up world. You know what they say “they don’t stay little for long”. This is a great chance to get in on some ground floor opportunities but this is not for the faint of heart … while exhilarating there is risk with early stage companies.

There will be a few more students and start-ups in the coming weeks … one event aimed at those slightly more mature start-ups that are more than toddlers but not quite Multi-National corporations yet. There will be another event focused on hardware start-ups too.

If you are a start-up large or small are looking to connect with students please feel free to contact me.

-Ian Graham