If you’re working from home it’s getting to be very close to that time of year again. The time of year when the kids finish school and begin spending their surplus of free time around the house. This offers many great opportunities for family outings and quality time together.

Unfortunately, it also means that productivity while at home will plummet. So if you’re looking for an escape this summer, or a summer “workation” if you will, then we’ve got a few different options that will be able to help out. Our coworking area can be utilized a day at a time if you prefer the commitment free, come as you please approach. We’ve also got desks that can be rented on a monthly basis so you can get a bit more comfortable, set up a work station and ensure you can get things done over the summer.

coworking spaceIf you’re beginning to question how productive you’ll be at home over the summer then maybe it’s time to take a workation at TheCodeFactory.

– Gareth Graham