On our way to a concert the other night, my sister and I stopped at Montana’s in Kanata for dinner. We knew all the restaurants nearby would be packed, but we had time and didn’t mind waiting a bit longer than usual for our food.

We ordered an appetizer and chatted while we waited. The restaurant was still quite busy (this was a sold out concert!), so it never even occurred to me that we had been waiting a long time – until the server (her name was Brittany) came by our table and said these magical words:

“I just talked to my manager, and he’d like to apologize for the long wait for your platter. If you’re having dessert, he’d like to buy you dessert. If not, he’d like to pay for this platter as a thank you for your patience.”

I feel like this is an important note: we had not complained, or even asked how long the wait would be. We had ordered, and that was it. This was a completely out-of-the-blue, impromptu act of awesome customer service.

My sister, who is also a server, quickly thanked her but assured her that wouldn’t be necessary. First of all, it wasn’t the server’s or the manager’s fault, and we had fully expected a longer than usual wait (which I’m not still convinced it had been). The server asked if we were sure, thanked us again, and left.

Fast forward to the end of our meal (which was delicious), and the bill arrives. And what does it include? Not our appetizer – they went ahead and voided it anyway. Needless to say, that server got a very good tip, and we left in the best of moods – even though we hadn’t had anything to be grouchy about in the first place!

All I can say is this – Montana’s will be getting some pretty awesome word-of-mouth advertising for a while!

– Kelsey Black