This story is a great example of how something that seems inconsequential to one person (or company) can mean a lot to another person, and that’s why we’re featuring it in our Tales of Awesome Customer Service blog series!

Anyone who wears glasses full time knows that choosing a new pair is a big deal – they’re essentially part of your face for however long you own them. For me, this is usually years. The flip side of this is that you probably don’t have a super close relationship with the place you choose to purchase your frames from, because you don’t connect with them on a regular basis.

I purchased a new pair of frames, my first in three years, from Lenscrafters earlier this month. Yesterday, I received the note pictured below:


While this was clearly an automatically generated email (they had recorded my email address to send me a copy of my receipt) it was definitely a nice touch. Enough time had passed since I purchased the frames that it felt like a genuine check-in to make sure I was still happy.

Some of the stories we’ve shared in this series have been examples of people going above and beyond to create a positive customer service experience. This is a great example of how the simplest thing can make a client think of you positively and be that much more likely to share their experience; such as in a blog post for the world to see 🙂