Full disclosure: I love Telus. After having some significantly less than stellar customer service experiences with two of the other big communications companies in Canada, the level at which Telus cares about their customers’ happiness and satisfaction really stands out.

That’s why we want to give them a HUGE shout out for their “Expect More” initiative!

The best part about the ads for Expect More is the fact that Telus isn’t bragging about their 95% customer satisfaction rate; they’re essentially apologizing to the 5% who weren’t satisfied and vowing to make it right.

TheCodeFactory has been a Telus customer for over two years now and I’ve personally been a customer for nearly five. Between us, we’ve had numerous awesome customer service experiences at Telus stores. I believe this is due to the fact that their employees are genuinely happy to be helping. The fact that Telus goes out of their way to recognize Customer First Champions (and had 193 of them) plays a big role in this.

Congratulations to Telus on their amazing customer satisfaction rate and for setting a great example for every other business out there to not settle for less than 100%!

– Kelsey Black