Yesterday we made the exciting announcement that SNS16 will be taking place at Algonquin College. We want to take a moment to extend a HUGE thank you to them for their support – this is the first time that Students and Startups will be hosted outside TheCodeFactory!

Having Algonquin host SNS16 is especially exciting for the three of us here at TheCodeFactory. We are all members of the alumni – albeit in a variety of disciplines. I myself am a graduate of the Small and Medium Enterprise Management program (known today as the Business – Management and Entrepreneurship program). I have seen firsthand how much time and effort the professors in the BME program put into training and helping the classrooms full of budding entrepreneurs who are getting ready to launch their own startups someday.

However, they don’t stop there – they even support other startups in their quest to grow. Cheryl Dowell, a professor in the BME program who actually had to put up with me in not one, but two courses (for which I’d like to personally thank her!) was a big part of making this happen. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to her, the BME program and Algonquin College as a whole for all of their help to make SNS16 the biggest and best edition of the Students and Startups series so far. We can’t wait to see you there!

-Kelsey Black