Two of the most important aspects in helping facilitate the entrepreneurial community are flexibility and affordability. Here at TheCodeFactory we’re always striving to adapt and change to meet the needs of Ottawa entrepreneurs. We’re constantly looking for ways to minimize risk and maximize how far your dollar can go. We’ve met with countless local entrepreneurs who would love to have office space, but it just isn’t economically feasible for them yet. But at the same time, working individually at home doesn’t yield as much productivity as they would like.

It is for this reason that TheCodeFactory is introducing Time-Share Offices. If you’ve been following our blog you probably saw Ian post about the idea a little while back, so it is with great pleasure that we’re transitioning one of our offices to this new model. We’ll be offering office space 1 – 2 days a week on 6 month terms. To further sweeten the deal and lighten the load on your wallet we’ll be running the first 3 months of the term at half price. We’ll be running this offer until the first office is at capacity and then we’ll transition to regular pricing; so in this case the early bird most definitely gets the worm.

It’s our hope that this will add another start-up friendly option to our list of services that will be both cost effective and allow entrepreneurs to get down to what they’re good at: their work.

If you’d like more information about our Time Share Office option please contact me at gareth[at]thecodefactory[dot]ca

– Gareth Graham