We will be introducing a new concept for early stage businesses needing a place to work: Timeshare Workspace. Timeshare Workspace is ideal for teams that are just starting out and don’t necessarily need an office on a full-time basis but could use a place to get together as a team one or two days per week. Since moving to our new location at 100 Gloucester Street, a number of entrepreneurs and early stage businesses have approached us about wanting to have work space but, not needing it full-time. Therefore, we have adapted a bit and come up with a new workspace concept to get teams face time at an affordable price.

I have worked on distributed teams in previous jobs and can attest to the fact that nothing accelerates getting things done faster than being able to be in the same room with your team. About 90% of communication is non-verbal and if you are working from home and using Skype or conference calls then you are missing a lot of non-verbal communication queues. We had a distributed team use TheCodeFactory recently for a week and after being together in the same room every day with face time instead of Internet communications, they estimated it accelerated their project by several months. The team also cleared up many of the email and other communication miscues by being able to communicate more effectively. If you are an early stage business working in Ottawa with a couple of people, and working from home, then one of the ways to move your business forward faster is to get some face time together at least once per week. Here at TheCodeFactory we would like to help.

The picture above is one of our shared offices on our third floor. The work space is bright and professional, with a lot of natural light and also has the added benefit of making your feel like a real company rather than a group of people working out of your friend’s home. We are big supporter of early stage businesses in Ottawa and would love to find a way to make work space work for you.  We have a photo gallery at this link and a virtual street view tour here if you want to check out the space before dropping by.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help make workspace work for you feel free to contact me directly at ian[at]thecodefactory[dot]ca or call the office at 613-808-3890.

– Ian Graham