TheCodeFactory is happy to announce that starting next Tuesday (June 10th) our coworking area will cost just $2 every second Tuesday! Every toonie that we make during our “Toonie Tuesdays” will be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank; after TheCodeFactory matches it, of course! At the end of every month we will head to the grocery store, spend the Toonie Tuesday donations for the month on non-perishables and then donate them. So keep an eye on our blog for monthly pieces on Food Bank donations!

And while we’re mentioning the Ottawa Food Bank, this Friday is Food Aid Day at Festival Plaza, City Hall! There will be a $5 breakfast from 7am – 9am supplied by Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm and then a lunch from 11:30am on which will be supplied by The Works. If you’d like more information about Ottawa Food Aid Day click here.

We look forward to having a productive summer for the Ottawa Food Bank!