Yes, there’s value in social. Why you need a digital presence.

In our fast paced ever changing world it’s crazy to me that there are still people who don’t understand the value of a digital presence. If you’re not actively keeping up online then how will anyone ever find your business? Sure there’s word of mouth and offline efforts, but there are billions of Google searches daily (literally), and billions of Social Media users that may be looking for a business like yours!

So the question is: why are some still apprehensive about digital marketing or using social media for their business? Perhaps it’s because they just don’t understand it, or perhaps they’ve tried it and just couldn’t figure it out. I get it; the digital world can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t know it well. One of the biggest mistakes newcomers to the digital world make is thinking that they need to be everywhere. It’s really not in most business’ best interest to be on every single platform, let alone a business just starting out on digital.

If you already have a website then getting your business on social media is an easy and free way to start your digital marketing efforts. The opportunity with social is endless and it is extremely crucial for building brand. Each platform is unique and appeals to different people so the key is to figure out which ones are worth your effort. Although there is no direct recipe for hitting a homerun on social media, being active and engaging with others does a lot more than you would think.

I don’t suggest going in blind either. A lot of people who don’t understand social media still know that they should probably be on it. The thing is, you need to know what you want out of it before you start. Without clear goals in mind you’re just shooting aimlessly, and it can be frustrating trying to measure any ROI when you don’t know what you were after in the first place. The thing with digital efforts is that you can actually track through analytics where people are coming from and focus on what’s working.

Set yourself goals for your business and go from there. It’s an iterative process, and it’s different for everyone and every business. The key is to figure out what works for you and grow from there. It is a constant effort, it doesn’t happen overnight, and it does work but there’s no magic formula.

To quote Gary Vaynerchuk “What is the ROI of your Mother