In its simplest form a Virtual Office is a business address. If you’re running your own business out of your home, having a Virtual Office location allows you to appear bigger and more professional. It is common practice for customers to look up potential service providers/sellers on Google before making purchases and a rural or suburban home does not convey the same element of professionalism as a downtown office building.

Secondly, a Virtual Office provides you with mail and parcel reception and holding. You will now have the option to separate your business mail from your personal mail and have it sent to your new business address. The mail is held under lock and key until you arrive to receive it.

Thirdly, a Virtual Office address can be used when you’re incorporating your company. When incorporating in Canada you must list a street address; PO boxes are NOT accepted. You can also use a Virtual Office to extend your company’s reach. If you are located in a province other than Ontario, setting up a Virtual Office here would afford your business an Ontario address.

This is, in a nutshell, a basic virtual office. With more and more small businesses starting up, they provide an extremely cost-effective first step toward having a dedicated workspace someday. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve got here at TheCodeFactory check out our Virtual Office or shoot me an email with any questions you may have to