We have been quiet on the blogging and social media front for some time now, and well … there is a reason for that. On March 30th of this year, we moved to our diggs here at 100 Gloucester Street and it has been a ton of work to get settled. With the summer to recoup and get organized, we are good to go again. The story of our move is very much like the Doppler Effect, so please let me explain.

When you move, the date at which you move is a fixed point in time and in our case, Saturday March 30th, 2013. Everything needed to get moved to our new location and had a hard stop date. What happened around the move was the tasks we needed to get done tended to compress around that March 30th date. The Good News is that we did manage to get all of our clients and tenants settled into the new location and the space is pretty awesome.  Post move, time pressure was far less and the amount of work expanded to fill the time available. So with the compression before the move and the expansion after the move you have the “Doppler Effect”.

Please don’t take our silence as inactivity; we have been busy as bees for most of the summer. We are working on a few new initiatives which we will be announcing in the coming weeks and have big plans for 2013 / 2014. We even had the folks from Google Streetview drop by and film the inside of our office…you can check it out on the front page of our website www.thecodefactory.ca – to the right just click on the picture and the tour starts. However, if you would like to drop by yourself, feel free to contact me by email at info [at] thecodefactory [dot] ca.

– Ian Graham